21 Feb 2017

Weird And Wonderful Shops In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a shopping town, for sure. There is the usual wide variety of shopping venues that you would find in any large city. However, in Las Vegas there are also some really weird shopping outlets. Most people like weird things, at least sometimes. so we will share with our readers

20 Feb 2017

Traffic Laws You Need To Know While Driving In Vegas

Traffic is heavy in Las Vegas if you haven’t noticed. If you drive in Las Vegas, you have noticed. On a busy weekend night, it can take you 30-45 minutes, or more, to travel the length of the four-mile Strip. If you drive in Las Vegas, you should know some basic traffic

19 Feb 2017

Tigers, Sharks, And Sea Monsters Live In Las Vegas

Remember the Wizard of Oz? As Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow walk down the Yellow Brick Road, they chant, “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” These four might be right at home on the Strip. Here, we have lions, tigers, and sharks. Sorry, no bears. There are two

18 Feb 2017

Touches Of Exotic Locations Found On Strip

On the Strip, you will see historical touches of King Arthur, Venice, Paris, and Egypt. Each of these themed hotels have their own individual charm and attraction to visitors. The hotel we want to review here is the only one that is shaped like a pyramid. It is the Luxor. Luxor offers visitors

17 Feb 2017

Drive Thru Weddings For Those In A Big Hurry

All of us use drive thru conveniences like those found at fast food businesses, banks, and some utility offices. But, Las Vegas brings the drive thru concept to a new level. One of the most well known drive thru options in Vegas are the wedding chapels. Some of these, like the

16 Feb 2017

Local Hotel Favorite Vegas Visitors Will Love

There is not just one local resident favorite hotel. There are a few that residents from the local area of Las Vegas and nearby towns like to frequent. We will single out one of these hotels today to review and to encourage you to visit when you are in Las

16 Feb 2017

Often Missed Mob Speakeasy Offers Unmatched Dining Experience

There is a very cool mob-style speakeasy that Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel would certainly patronize if they were alive today. It’s not that visible from the street unless you know what you are looking for. It is often missed or overlooked and this is a shame. There is nothing

15 Feb 2017

Best Views In Vegas Not To Be Missed

Las Vegas is made up of visual experiences. Just walking the Strip is a visual experience. But, there are some best views that should not be missed. These are the views that are often featured in Vegas movies, books, and magazines. We will give you a list of what we

13 Feb 2017

Creepy Things Happen In Las Vegas

Las Vegas does have a creepy side. Have you seen the creepy side of Las Vegas? Most of us who frequent Las Vegas or live here, don’t see the seedy, sleazy, and dark side of the city. However, it surely doe exist. Many times however, in fairness, Las Vegas gets a bad rap it

12 Feb 2017

Escort Services Thriving But Illegal In Las Vegas

If you have ever perused a Las Vegas phonebook, within the yellow pages there are hundreds of escort services listed. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and that includes Las Vegas so what about these escort services? Of course, the escort services do not market sexual favors, they advertise renting