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Best Views In Vegas Not To Be Missed

Las Vegas is made up of visual experiences. Just walking the Strip is a visual experience. But, there are some best views that should not be missed. These are the views that are often featured in Vegas movies, books, and magazines.

We will give you a list of what we consider to be the very best views of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, most of these might cost you a little money, but the sights you will see are unforgettable.

The first view we love is from the Stratosphere Tower on the north end of the Strip. The tower is 1149 feet tall, the tallest observation tower west of the Mississippi. When you enter the hotel, you will go to a special set of elevators that will take you all the way up to the observation tower. Admission is $20 for adults and $12 for kids 4-12. Under 3 are free, but cannot ride any of the rides.

From the observation tower, you can see Las Vegas from 360 degrees. Great photo ops. You can even jump out the window in a harness. Don’t worry, it’s a soft landing.

The next best view can be experienced from the north facing rooms of Mandalay Bay. This is the scene that is most often shown in movies, calendars, books, etc. It was the most stunning view of the Strip that I have ever seen.

We have to recommend the view from a helicopter ride up and down the Strip at night. What a thrilling ride it is.

Another great best view is what you will see as you ride the Slotzilla zip line west to east high above the Fremont Street Experience. The lights are awesome. If you want to see what this ride is like check out the video below.

Finally, take in the view from the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge that hangs high above Hoover Dam. The view from the Dam back up towards the bridge is also awesome.


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