10 Cool Less Known Things About Las Vegas

This is just fun reading for Vegas lovers. This isn’t a quiz. It is just a compilation of 10 not-so-well-known facts about Las Vegas. There is nothing common about our favorite city. Hope you enjoy these tidbits and trivia points. Next time you are in Las Vegas, maybe you will think of some of these 10 cool facts.

  • Generally, a casino has to replace its carpet every five to seven years. That’s a long time considering the incredible amount of foot traffic that takes place in a casino.
  • A typical mega-resort in Las Vegas consumes enough water and electricity each month to sustain 3000 homes.
  • Several well known celebrities were arrested for their participation in protest against the Nevada Test Site where nuclear tests were conducted. These notables include Kris Kristofferson, Martin Sheen (Shocker), and Carl Sagan.
  • The urinals in the men’s restroom inside Main Street Station downtown, are surrounded by pieces of the Berlin Wall. Now, that’s history.
  • Las Vegas can legitimately tout that it has one of the largest multi-cultural populations in the United States.
  • The famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign was created by a woman, Betty Willis. The sign was never copyrighted. This is why you see so many trinkets, shirts, and souvenirs with the sign on it. You can make your own.
  • The lake at Bellagio is 8 acres big. There are plans for a 30 acre lake within the Wynn complex in the future.
  • In the 1950s Las Vegas took advantage of atomic tourism. Nuclear tests took place just 65 miles north of the city. People would come to Vegas to see the blast. Retailers took advantage and sold everything from atomic hairdos to atomic drinks. At one time the city was dubbed “The Atomic City.” Read more about Vegas’ atomic past here.
  • Elvis Presley did his first gig at the Frontier. He had a two-week contract that was cancelled after his first week. People were just not ready for him at that time.
  • The first gaming license in Las Vegas was issued to a woman, Mayme Stocker.


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