1st Nevada Major League Team Now Official

Nevada, and Las Vegas specifically, has landed its 1st major league team. The 31st team of the NHL will make its home in Las Vegas. Everything is now official and the wheeling, dealing, trading, and other necessary actions can now begin in preparation for the Golden Knights first official season.

Bill Foley, owner of the Golden Knights, has made his final payment to the NHL so all lights are green to proceed. Building winning team and staff are the top priorities. The NHL draft is still about four months away, but the staff is already at work to ensure that everything runs smoothly and they are fully prepared when the draft begins.

Owner Foley said:

“On behalf of the board of governors, I am delighted to officially welcome the Vegas Golden Knights to the NHL,” Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “Congratulations to Bill Foley, the Foley family, the Maloof family, the city of Las Vegas and the Golden Knights’ fans as the team embarks on its exciting journey.” The Las Vegas Sun reported this and more in their March 1st article. You can read their full article here.

One issue that may still be afloat is one that the U.S. Army has raised. As of late last year, the Army objected to the use of the name “Golden Knights” due its use of that name for its parachute team. The team has used this name for over 50 years and wants to protect he integrity of the unit.

We checked sources today and cannot find a finalization to this dispute. But, at this point in time, the team is continuing to use the name Golden Knights.

The establishment of this team is good news for Nevada and Las Vegas. There is strong hope for the soon coming NFL team, the Las Vegas Raiders. This is an ongoing story. As of today, the move seems very likely. Stay tuned.



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