05 Mar 2017

1st Nevada Major League Team Now Official

Nevada, and Las Vegas specifically, has landed its 1st major league team. The 31st team of the NHL will make its home in Las Vegas. Everything is now official and the wheeling, dealing, trading, and other necessary actions can now begin in preparation for the Golden Knights first official season. Bill Foley,

02 Mar 2017

Prayers Ascend From Vegas Gamblers

We have no way to know for sure, but it is a highly probable that a disproportionate number of prayers are offered up from Las Vegas than from the average American city. Doesn’t everyone pray when they pull that slot handle, throw the dice, double down in blackjack, or wait as the roulette

28 Feb 2017

Invasion Of Squatters Plagues Vegas Homeowners

There is an invasion taking place in Las Vegas. No, it’s not a foreign army, but it is an army of sorts. Squatters have invaded Las Vegas. Squatters have been a problem in many places around the globe and Las Vegas is no exception. Even though the real estate market is still on

27 Feb 2017

Gambling Addiction To Be Addressed By MGM

Some people can gamble and know when to quit. Others may not be able to stop. Like any addiction, gambling addiction can destroy a person’s life. Typically, casinos are not going to try and stop you from gambling. They want you to gamble. It is their business.  However, MGM is going to

23 Feb 2017

Red Rock Lands A Famous Chef-Do You Love Italian?

Many visitors to Las Vegas stay on the Strip and miss some great places to visit and to eat. Red Rock Hotel & Casino is one such place. Red Rock is located on the western edge of Las Vegas and a short distance from Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock has

22 Feb 2017

Job Opportunities In Las Vegas Not So Good

Job hunting in Las Vegas can be challenging, frustrating, and often futile. We have written several articles over the last year or so about moving to Las Vegas. And, some readers of our Facebook page have stated that they were moving there. What was unclear with some was whether they had employment or

20 Feb 2017

Future Of Las Vegas Hangs In The Balance

What is the future of Las Vegas? Does it have one past the next five or ten years? Visitors to Las Vegas are not aware of a growing death threat that continues to loom . Will Las Vegas survive another ten years? Can something change the dangerous dynamics now in play?

19 Feb 2017

R.I.P. Free Drinks While Gambling-Update

R.I.P.  Bye-Bye=Adios! Another Las Vegas tradition is slowly biting the dust. It used to be that you could gamble  a little money on a penny slot and get free drinks. Well, not for much longer. Casinos never stop trying to increase their bottom line and we can’t blame them. They

14 Feb 2017

Stadium Plans For Raiders Still Not A Done Deal

The ongoing story of the Oakland Raiders making its home in a new stadium in Las Vegas is still fluid. There is no final chapter as of yet. And, there has been another wrench thrown into the works, some potential competition. The former owner of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Doug

14 Feb 2017

Lamborghini Crash Kills 2 At SpeedVegas

On this past Sunday two people lost their lives in a Lamborghini accident at SpeedVegas. SpeedVegas is a favorite stop for those who like to drive exotic and expensive cars at high speeds, up to 200 m.p.h. and can cost over $200,000. But, for these two people the ride ended badly.