18 Jan 2017

Tunnel People Ignored By Vegas Authorities

What is relatively unknown, is the exact population of the  “other” Las Vegas, the city that exists not within the city, but below the city, down under. These are the tunnel people. There is a 600 mile network of flood tunnels that is home to hundreds of homeless residents. Some of these makeshift homesteads

17 Jan 2017

The Space Entertains Guests And Helps Local Charities

Las Vegas has a heart, sometimes. We will share with you about one person and organization that is doing a lot to help others who are in need. In this case the person is Mark Shunock and the organization is called Monday’s Dark. They have opened a venue  called “The Space.” The

11 Jan 2017

Wow! Las Vegas Did It Again In 2016-Plus More News

Wow is right. 2016 was another record breaking year for Las Vegas tourism. In 2015, the visitation record was broken from previous years coming in at 42.3 million people. In 2016, the numbers ticked up again to 42.9 million people. One factor that contributed to the visitation uptick was the high

07 Jan 2017

Schools In Nevada Get “D” Grade On 2017 “Quality Counts” Report

When people with children move, one important consideration are the schools in the area. The truth is that local school can make or break a real estate deal. We recently wrote an article about moving to Las Vegas.  Thousands of people do move to Las Vegas each month, around 5,000 to

06 Jan 2017

Futuristic Electronics Show Opens!

One of the largest, most popular, and futuristic shows to hit the Las Vegas Strip this year opened Thursday and will run through this  Sundayj, January 8th. It’s the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and is expected to draw close to 200,000 people. The thousands of new electronic gadgets, appliances, and novelties that

04 Jan 2017

Best Kept Secret In Plain Sight (Cool Video)

One of Vegas’ best kept secrets is literally in plain sight. Locals and visitors alike see what is classified every day, but rouses no suspicion. So, what is it? You probably have not noticed that there is an entire fleet of unmarked aircraft that come and go from McCarran Airport each day. It

02 Jan 2017

2016 A Year Of Death To Many Great Eateries

It’s 2017 and there are many new things on the horizon for Las Vegas. However, 2016 marked the end of many of Vegas lover’s favorite eateries. Some of these great places have served their fans for decades. Now their doors are shuttered and their walls surround only dark emptiness and silence. It’s

31 Dec 2016

Pot Rules You Need To Know Before You Smoke It

Pot is now legal in Nevada. However, it isn’t as free and easy as it will be later in 2017. If you are a pot smoker, there are a lot of things you need to know now, before you smoke any pot. You don’t want an unnecessary brush with the law, so

31 Dec 2016

Crime Wave Hits Las Vegas Strip

Crime is increasing in Las Vegas. And, one hot spot is right on the Strip. The numbers are mounting. There is so much crime taking place every single night on the Las Vegas Strip that the police can barely cope with it. This crime wave includes serious crimes such as assault,

30 Dec 2016

Security Ramps Up For New Year’s Eve Events

Security on the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas will be ramped up and police presence will be more visible for New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve is always a major event in Las Vegas. It’s a time, unlike other holidays, when the Strip will be closed down to all traffic