Lamborghini Crash Kills 2 At SpeedVegas

On this past Sunday two people lost their lives in a Lamborghini accident at SpeedVegas. SpeedVegas is a favorite stop for those who like to drive exotic and expensive cars at high speeds, up to 200 m.p.h. and can cost over $200,000. But, for these two people the ride ended badly. At this point in time, SpeedVegas is closed down.

According to an updated article on the tragedy in the February 13th edition of the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The doors were locked. The fences were closed. The vans that routinely transport customers from Strip resorts to the track and its beautiful two-story, 22,000-square-foot, $30 million hospitality center at 14200 Las Vegas Boulevard South, were parked.

SpeedVegas executives, communicating through the company’s Facebook page, said the facility has been closed until further notice as investigators from the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration determine why a Lamborghini Gallardo on an apparently routine run on the 1½-mile track — billed as the longest and fastest in the industry — lost control, crashed and burst into flames, killing two people on Sunday

Clark County’s coroner’s office has yet to identify the two victims, a guest of the attraction who was driving the car, and a driving-instructor employee who was in the passenger seat. However, the family of Gil Ben-Kely confirmed him as the SpeedVegas instructor who died in the crash. Read the Journal’s full story here.

There is no date set for SpeedVegas to reopen, but there is no indication that it won’t as soon as the investigation is complete. Their website offers this information for those who may want to try their hand at driving one of these high end cars in the future:

Make the most of your SPEEDVEGAS driving experience by taking advantage of our popular packages, promotions and gift ideas. Whether it’s a guy’s weekend or a quick Vegas getaway, our packages invite you to experience the thrill of piloting an exotic supercar on the award winning SPEEDVEGAS racetrack.

SpeedVegas has a number of packages. For example:

Ferrari 458 Italia for $79 per lap

Lamborghini Hurracan for $79 per lap

Lamborghini Gallardo for $59 per lap

There is something for every exotic car lover.  Check out their website here.




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