Red Rock Lands A Famous Chef-Do You Love Italian?

Many visitors to Las Vegas stay on the Strip and miss some great places to visit and to eat. Red Rock Hotel & Casino is one such place. Red Rock is located on the western edge of Las Vegas and a short distance from Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock has accomplished a great feat with the engagement of Italian chef, Luke Palladino. He will be the head chef at the hotel’s Italian restaurant. So, if you are one that loves Italian food, make a point of making the trip to enjoy some tasty Italian food, some of the best in the Las Vegas area.

According to a story on Palladino worked in Venice, Italy. He opened the Aspen outpost of Olive’s. He then worked in New Jersey, and now in Las Vegas. The road for him has not been all roses. He had to close some of his restaurants and file for bankruptcy. reported:

Luke Palladino, a star chef in and around Atlantic City for almost 15 years, has declared bankruptcy and closed his latest South Jersey restaurant.

An answering machine was still giving out restaurant details Monday at Luke Palladino Seasonal Italian Cooking, in Linwood’s Central Square shopping center. But the system wasn’t taking messages, and the owner could not be reached for comment.

Click here to read more about the bankruptcy. says of Palladino:

Luke immersed himself in the culture of Italy’s varied regions, doing time in restaurants in various regions, including Rome, Piemonte, Puglia, Friuli, Sicily and Tuscany. He became executive chef and partner at Venice’s internationally celebrated Ristorante al Covo and aligned himself with The Slow Food Movement, an organization dedicated to combating the culture of fast food by preserving and passing down age-old culinary practices.

Read more about Palladino here.

We congratulate Chef Palladino and hope our readers will check out his dishes at Red Rock Hotel.


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