Blasts From The Past That Drew Crowds And Movie Crews

What we will talk about today is truly some blasts from the past. These are newsworthy events that draws both spectators and movie companies.

Las Vegas is schizophrenic when it comes to its history, it’s legacy. Some things it promotes with pride, such as its Mob connection. To show its appreciation, it opened the Mob Museum. And, some casinos will offer guests a dinner with mob members. Don’t worry, not the real mob. You won’t get whacked except in the wallet.

Other things in its history Vegas ignores or downplays. It doesn’t, for example, talk much about its high murder, rape, or suicide rate.  All of these  are higher than national averages in Las Vegas.

Another way Las Vegas deals with things in its past is to blow them up. Many casinos, famous ones like the Frontier, Stardust, Hacienda, and Sands are now long gone rubble.

Some movie producers took advantage of these implosions and used them in their movies. For example, we saw the Landmark bite the dust, literally, in Mars Attacks. You can watch it here: LandMark Implosion-Mars Attacks

So many casinos that people have associated with Las Vegas over the years are gone now. A large proportion of them were imploded. Others were remodeled and renamed like the Imperial Palace, where I got married in 1993, which became the Quad, and is now the Linq.

Probably, most of us were not in Las Vegas when these hotels were demolished. It had to be an amazing sight, one you don’t see outside of a war zone. Below is a link where you can witness ten of the most famous Las Vegas implosions.

Turn up the volume and relive these historic blasts from the past and somewhat sad times. But, we have to make way for the new. We can still keep the memories though.


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