Job Opportunities In Las Vegas Not So Good

Job hunting in Las Vegas can be challenging, frustrating, and often futile. We have written several articles over the last year or so about moving to Las Vegas. And, some readers of our Facebook page have stated that they were moving there. What was unclear with some was whether they had employment or not.

If someone comes to Las Vegas without a job in hand, they will likely find Las Vegas an unfriendly place. From the research we have done it seems clear that locals will be favored over new folks in town.

One website went on to say that to get a job in the casino industry, you needed to be a resident for three years. The reason for this is the highly transient nature of Las Vegas. They also will hire union members primarily plus there are other requirements for many jobs.

Moving to Las Vegas is a romantic vision for some, and we certainly encourage people to do just that if it is in their budget and they have employment. About 5,000 people move to Las Vegas every month. The area is exploding with people moving in and many of these will need a job.

Kristen DeSilva of The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote an article about 18 months ago on this topic. In it she reported:

If you thought Las Vegas was one of the worst places to find a job, you might be on to something — if you want to work in a big city, that is. Of the 50 largest metro areas in the nation, Las Vegas ranks 49th, but some of the better-ranked metros aren’t too far away.

She went on to say:

Las Vegas got its low spot on the ranking for its low cumulative score: 45 for job opportunity, 35 for cost of living and 49 for job satisfaction. Riverside, Calif., was the only area to do worse.

Read her full article here.


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