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Gorge Yourself At These Outstanding Buffets!

You can literally pack it in, gorge yourself at any of these fine Las Vegas buffets. You have to try at least one.

Buffets are big in Las Vegas and there are dozens of them. They are sometimes intimidating with so much food to choose from. In one buffet, I saw everything from Rice Krispy Squares to steak, lobster, sushi, and everything else you can think of. One would have to dine there for a month to taste all the offerings.

We will share with you a few of the top rated buffets in Las Vegas. As with anything else,  people will rate buffets differently, but I think the following buffets would deserve high placement on anyone’s top favorites list.

Some buffets are more luxurious and therefore more expensive than others. For example, at Caesars Palace, the Bacchanal Buffet offers 500 items every day. Prices are for Breakfast $28.99 (children 4-8 $14.99); Lunch $35.99 (children 4-8 $19.99); Dinner Mon.-Thurs. is $50.99 (children 4-8 is $24.99); Dinner Fri.-Sun. $53.99 (children 4-8 $26.99); Brunch Sat.-Sun. (includes all you care to drink Champagne/mimosas) $44.99 (children 4-8 $24.99). As you can see these buffets can add up especially if you are a family of four or more.

Another top rated buffet is Le Village Buffett located in the Paris. As you might guess, it is a French inspired buffet. The restaurant is divided into six French regions. They offer crepes, Quiche Lorraine, ribs, duck à l’orange, and other French favorites. The prices for this buffet Breakfast Mon.-Fri. $21.99 (children 4-10 $12.99) and on weekends $23.99 (children 4-10 $14.99); Lunch $24.99 (children 4-10 $14.99); Dinner Mon.-Fri. $30.99 (children 4-10 $17.99) and on weekends $33.99 (children 4-10 $19.99); Sat.-Sun. Brunch $30.99 (children 4-8 $19.99).

The Aria brings us The Buffet. This buffet offers some real variety with ten serving stations. How about trying some Mediterranean or Asian food? Or, there is pasta, pizza, and seafood plus much more. Considering the highly rated Aria Hotel host this buffet, the prices are extremely reasonable. Breakfast Mon.-Fri. $21.99; Lunch Mon.-Fri. $25.99; Brunch Sat.-Sun. $31.99; Dinner Mon.-Thurs. $36.99, Fri.-Sun. $41.99 (check holiday pricing).

Check out these and a bunch more of Vegas’ top buffets at In the mean time gorge yourself at a buffet in Las Vegas. Prices quoted are subject to change.


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