03 Mar 2017

Fatal Plane Crash Took Life Of Famous Actress

Fatal plane crash takes life of beloved Hollywood star. It was 75 years ago, January 16, 1942, that a tragic and fatal commercial airline crash occurred around Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport. This tragedy took the life of a Hollywood icon. At the time, she and her husband were two of the most

02 Mar 2017

Blasts From The Past That Drew Crowds And Movie Crews

What we will talk about today is truly some blasts from the past. These are newsworthy events that draws both spectators and movie companies. Las Vegas is schizophrenic when it comes to its history, it’s legacy. Some things it promotes with pride, such as its Mob connection. To show its

28 Feb 2017

Entrance Fee Was Charged At This Casino

Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows that you don’t have to pay an entrance fee at casinos. However, there was one casino that at one time did exactly that. This, thankfully, was not an idea that caught on as has parking and resort fees have. There was a

26 Feb 2017

Flooding Caught Vegas Residents Off Guard

Usually, flooding is not on the minds of Vegas residents. In fact, with only 4 inches of rain per year on average, the idea of flooding is far removed from most people’s minds. But, it can happen. It did happen in 1999, and it was bad. Maybe your were there?

25 Feb 2017

Squad Cars Pull Up And End A Golden Era

It was December 2, 1940. A small caravan of squad cars came to a stop on Block 16. Block 16 was the red light district that evolved in the first year, 1905, of Las Vegas as an established town. Here, men and women would mix for drinking, partying, and sexual activity. Block

21 Feb 2017

Early Days Of Las Vegas Full Of Violence And Sin

What was life like in the early days of Las Vegas? The early days, as we will define them, began with the auction of May 15, 1905, when 1200 lots were auctioned off and Las Vegas was established as a city. This was the start of permanent buildings and residences although less

19 Feb 2017

Correcting The Bogus Bugsy Siegel Myths

So much that we know, or think we know, about Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel is all wrong. There are things that need correcting. Movies and books about this famous mobster, in many cases, have presented a false narrative. We have been led  to believe certain things that are not even close to

18 Feb 2017

Touches Of Exotic Locations Found On Strip

On the Strip, you will see historical touches of King Arthur, Venice, Paris, and Egypt. Each of these themed hotels have their own individual charm and attraction to visitors. The hotel we want to review here is the only one that is shaped like a pyramid. It is the Luxor. Luxor offers visitors

17 Feb 2017

Vegas Streets Named After Famous Americans

Readers of this site know we love Vegas history. It’s fun, fascinating, and diverse. Due to the many famous people who had some influence on Las Vegas there are many Vegas streets named after them. In fact, if you really look hard, you will find there is a large selection

14 Feb 2017

Trivia Tidbits You Haven’t Heard About Las Vegas

There are countless websites, books, videos, and blogs that highlight Las Vegas trivia. Some trivia points are fairly common and appear, at one time or another, on most trivia outlets, including this one. Long time Vegas lovers know these basic tidbits. In this article, we want to offer some Las