04 Mar 2017

Gorge Yourself At These Outstanding Buffets!

You can literally pack it in, gorge yourself at any of these fine Las Vegas buffets. You have to try at least one. Buffets are big in Las Vegas and there are dozens of them. They are sometimes intimidating with so much food to choose from. In one buffet, I

04 Mar 2017

Record Breaking Ride Part Of Vegas Landscape

It slowly took shape and appeared in 2014. Now this record breaking ride is a permanent part of Las Vegas. If you visit Las Vegas you can actually be a high roller without a big bankroll. It just takes about $25 or $35 and a small dose of guts especially

03 Mar 2017

Broke In Las Vegas-What Do You Do?

You can live in Las Vegas and go broke or be visiting Las Vegas and go broke. Those who gamble run a greater risk of facing the fear of not having any money in an expensive town. If you are from out of town that fear is compounded. You may

01 Mar 2017

Madame Tussauds Will Receive New Action Figure

Madame Tussauds is known world-wide as the place to go to visit with your favorite famous people. Of course, these people are not real they are wax figures, but they can look life like. If you have never been to Madame Tussauds make a point to go on your next

27 Feb 2017

Off The Strip Adventures Are Worth A Look

If you are a frequent Las Vegas visitor, you have likely done the common things that visitors usually do when they come here. But, there is another whole world of things to do off the Strip. And, most of these are not that far away, usually commutable within an hour or

26 Feb 2017

Stupid, Crazy, Risky, Things Not To Do In Vegas

There are several  really stupid things not to do, in Las Vegas we will highlight today. In fact, there are probably dozens of stupid, crazy, and risky,  things to avoid in Las Vegas, but we will only talk about some of them. You may have your own list of stupid things to do or you may

24 Feb 2017

Flea Market Taken To A Whole New Level

We’ve all been to flea markets. Some are found in someone’s back yard or driveway. Others are found along roadsides or housed inside some sheltered areas. But, in Las Vegas, there is a flea market unlike any other that we have ever seen. Actually, it isn’t fair to label it

23 Feb 2017

Martian Like Landscapes Lures Movie Crews To Vegas

Where can you go and find Martian like landscapes and other natural wonders? Actually, just a short distance from the other worldly Las Vegas Strip. You can travel less than an hour north of Las Vegas and you will find a place that might convince you that you have left

21 Feb 2017

Weird And Wonderful Shops In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a shopping town, for sure. There is the usual wide variety of shopping venues that you would find in any large city. However, in Las Vegas there are also some really weird shopping outlets. Most people like weird things, at least sometimes. so we will share with our readers

19 Feb 2017

Tigers, Sharks, And Sea Monsters Live In Las Vegas

Remember the Wizard of Oz? As Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow walk down the Yellow Brick Road, they chant, “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!” These four might be right at home on the Strip. Here, we have lions, tigers, and sharks. Sorry, no bears. There are two