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Flea Market Taken To A Whole New Level

We’ve all been to flea markets. Some are found in someone’s back yard or driveway. Others are found along roadsides or housed inside some sheltered areas. But, in Las Vegas, there is a flea market unlike any other that we have ever seen. Actually, it isn’t fair to label it a flea market because all of the items inside are new. No junk allowed. You won’t find grandpas worn our sandals or Bubba’s fly catchers being sold here.

This fun and wonderful place, called Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet, definitely deserves the adjective “Fantastic.” This place is indoors and massive with hundreds of little shops and booths to visit. They have celebrated their 27th Anniversary and many of their vendors have been located there for ten years or more. And, many locals get a lot of their shopping done here because there are some deals to be had.

The selection of items is as numerous as the stars it seems when you walk through. You will find everything from magic tricks to music to beef jerky to clothing to wigs, and more.  It’s a great place for visitors to take a break from the Strip. Plus it is just fun walking around looking at all the fun stuff for sale.

If you want to be on the selling end of things, there are rental booths. Since the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet is only open Friday-Sunday from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m, you could open a weekend business and keep your day job. Since finding good jobs in Vegas is difficult now, this could be a way to pay the bills while job hunting.

If you are a shopper there is a small entry fee of $1 and kids under 12 get in free. The kids will enjoy it as much as the adults. We hope you will give this wonderful shopping venue a visit.  The Swap Meet is just about 15 minutes from the Strip located at 1717 S. Decatur. Go west on Sahara and turn right on Decatur. You are there!

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