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Off The Strip Adventures Are Worth A Look

If you are a frequent Las Vegas visitor, you have likely done the common things that visitors usually do when they come here. But, there is another whole world of things to do off the Strip. And, most of these are not that far away, usually commutable within an hour or so. Let’s explore some of the opportunities that will offer you some new scenery and lots of fun.

If you like Las Vegas history, then visit the Golden Gate Hotel downtown on Fremont Street. This hotel was originally named Hotel Nevada that opened in 1906. The first telephone was installed there in 1907. That phone is still there as are some other relics from that historic era. Take a step back in time by visiting the Golden Gate.

How about flying an aerobatic aircraft? Now this is different.  You have a choice. You can actually pilot a plane or just go for the ride. We recommend doing it on an empty stomach. The spins and rolls can be intense.  There are various packages so you can be as tame or wild as you like. Get more information here.

Another worthy diversion is to go boating or swimming at Lake Mead. Lake Mead and Hoover Dam are less than an hour from the Strip. The scenery is awesome and there are many water sports available. If you are a scuba diver, there is a B-29 sitting on the bottom of Lake Mead. You have to dive through an approved company to be legal. read more here.

There are several hot springs in the Vegas area, one is located near Boulder City. You need to be in good shape to get to most of these.

How about getting some exercise while having fun? You can by going to the indoor trampoline park at Sky Zone. There is much more to do there too.

For some more choices of things to do off the Strip visit this site.



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