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Weird And Wonderful Shops In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a shopping town, for sure. There is the usual wide variety of shopping venues that you would find in any large city. However, in Las Vegas there are also some really weird shopping outlets. Most people like weird things, at least sometimes. so we will share with our readers some of the weird shops found in Las Vegas.

After you read our list, you may think they are weird or maybe just wonderful. Either way, you decide.

The first shop we will highlight is the Toy Shack located in a small warehouse in the Neonopolis on Fremont Street downtown. The Toy Shack’s niche is selling vintage toys especially from the 1980s era. Here, you can buy or sell toys. Facebook friends give it a 4.6 out of 5 and that’s impressive with 533 people weighing in.

Let us recommend Bonanza General Store located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and West Sahara. If you have been in Las Vegas in the last 37 years you have likely seen or visited this incredible store. It opened in 1980. It promotes itself as the “World’s Largest Gift Shop.” Inside you will find the fun, wild, and whacky. How about a Vegas back scratcher, Christmas ornament, or bank. Or, maybe a felt covered porcelain tiger? Everyone needs at least one. Visit their website and read more and watch a video here.

Next, check out Gamblers General Store located at the corner of Gass and Main Street downtown. If it has anything to do with gambling, you will find it in this store. This incredible place is the best resource to find the books, videos, or equipment you need to master your casino game of choice. One of my favorite stops.

There are many more places we could mention, but we will save them for another time. In the interim, check out this website for a few more suggestions. I noticed at least two of the stores mentioned on this site are not still in business.  Things do tend to come and go quickly in Las Vegas. But, take a minute and Click here.



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