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Record Breaking Ride Part Of Vegas Landscape

It slowly took shape and appeared in 2014. Now this record breaking ride is a permanent part of Las Vegas.

If you visit Las Vegas you can actually be a high roller without a big bankroll. It just takes about $25 or $35 and a small dose of guts especially if you are afraid of heights.

The term “high roller” usually applies to Whales. In Vegas, a Whale is a person with lots of money, millions or billions of dollars. These are the ultra rich who play high stakes games. Most of us are not Whales, but, we can all be high rollers in one sense. You may already be one and don’t know it.

So, what do you need to do to be a high roller? Simple. Just climb aboard the 550 foot tall “High Roller” ride that towers behind the Linq┬áHotel and Casino on the Strip. With its 550 foot height and a diameter of 520 feet, this monster ride exceeds the dimensions of both the London Eye and Singapore Flyer. It’s a record breaker!

The High Roller is not a Ferris wheel. It’s not a monster thrill ride, although it may be a thrilling experience due to the sights that will be seen at the high point of the ride. It’s an observation wheel of huge proportions.

The High Roller is one of the newest attractions on the Strip. It’s hard to miss seeing it as it stretches high into the Vegas sky. Both during the day and at night it is an awesome presence, one hard to ignore.

The High Roller contains within its round borders 28 window-laced globes that can hold 40 people on its 30-minute rotation. Prices are according to Caesars:

Daytime ride ticket: $25

  • Nighttime ride ticket: $37
  • Youth pricing (ages 4-12): $10 daytime ride, $20 nighttime ride. Children 3 and under are always free!
  • Happy Half Hour – Day: $40, includes ride with open bar
  • Happy Half Hour – Night: $52, includes ride with open bar


Check Groupon for a discount for the High Roller:


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