27 Feb 2017

Gambling Addiction To Be Addressed By MGM

Some people can gamble and know when to quit. Others may not be able to stop. Like any addiction, gambling addiction can destroy a person’s life. Typically, casinos are not going to try and stop you from gambling. They want you to gamble. It is their business.  However, MGM is going to

20 Feb 2017

Winning Strategies Reduce Blackjack House Edge

Gambling is gambling and the house always has an edge, but you can better your chances to beat blackjack by learning some basic winning strategies. The following, are a few tips that should help you win more money and keep the house edge down low. Blackjack is one table game

16 Feb 2017

Players Of Casino Games Can Get Banned For….

  There are certain things casino game players can do that will get them thrown out of a casino or even banned. There have been some high profile celebrities that have met that fate. Let’s learn from their mistakes. Hollywood actors and other celebrities usually get away with things that

15 Feb 2017

Luck For Gambling Increased If You Do This

Luck! Is there really a such thing as luck? Well, it’s debatable. We could delve into the many theological and philosophical arguments, but that is for another time and place. Most of us seem to believe in luck whatever it is. In Vegas it is something desperately needed for gamblers.

12 Feb 2017

Card Counting Facts And Popular Myths

Card counting! Do you know how to do it? If you have seen the movie or read the book, “21,” you learned something about card counting, if you didn’t already know. In blackjack, card counting is a technique that allows the player to reduce the house edge to zero or

08 Feb 2017

Looks Complicated But Easy Game To Play

If you watch someone playing this game, it looks complicated. It’s not really as hard as it looks, but you do need to know exactly how to play it just as you would when you play blackjack, craps, or roulette. James Bond plays this game. He is one cool dude, for sure. Those who

02 Feb 2017

Stratosphere Rearranges Slot Machines For More Revenue

There are people who help home sellers sell their home quicker and for more money by a technique called “staging.” This is the process of rearranging furniture, art, and adding some appealing touches. The management of the Stratosphere engaged in a similar technique that has brought them more revenue with little

02 Feb 2017

Project Your Gambling Losses Before You Play

You can project with some accuracy how much you will lose when you gamble. If you know the house edge, you can better determine what games to play and which ones to avoid. About 75% of people who visit Las Vegas will gamble during their stay.  This includes those whose

31 Jan 2017

Jackpot Winners Get A Break With New IRS Rules

Jackpot winners rejoice! You may or may not have been aware of some new proposals that may have put a crimp in your slot playing and in casino’s bottom line. But, thanks to the efforts of casino lobbying forces, you, and the casinos, have been spared, at least for now. The proposed regulations would

27 Jan 2017

Crass Casino Behavior Ruins Gaming Fun For Others

Please, be polite when gambling and don’t engage in crass behavior. Know proper casino etiquette. This will make the gaming experience better for everyone. We have all run into some rude players that seem to not care about anyone else’s enjoyment. They are those who are often rude, crass, and unruly. One