11 Jan 2017

Casinos Trap Gamblers Without Their Knowledge

Casinos have a sneaky way of trapping their gamblers and keeping them within their doors. The techniques they use are psychological and subliminal.  They successfully lure people in and manipulate them without their knowledge. They are even able to maneuver people to certain locations, tables or slots, within the casino. So, what is their secret? It’s

10 Jan 2017

Bingo Fans Flock To Downtown Hotel

When folks think about gambling in Las Vegas, they rarely mention bingo. However this game has a big following. If you are one of those who can handle the tension and stress that comes with this game, we know exactly where you should go. There is only one bingo outlet in all

09 Jan 2017

Update Las Vegas Slot Payouts

Update to help you gamble smarter. Things change over time including slot machine payouts. This is an update on the current slot payouts in Las Vegas as of September 2016. We have mentioned many times before that it does matter where you gamble, especially concerning slot machines. This update will hopefully help

29 Dec 2016

James Bond Plays This Game-Should You?

James Bond is one cool dude. Those who have watch James Bond movies will often see him in a casino playing a game called baccarat. It’s not obvious from just watching how the game is played. It looks very elegant, upscale, and romantic, but what are the nuts and bolts of

10 Dec 2016

Game Draws Suckers Robs Them Blind

There is a new game that offers some of the worst odds in the casino. It is actually a new, deadly version of an old game. All we can say is “Stay away!” Roulette is an extremely popular game even though the house edge is really high at 5.26%. Now, the Venetian has

08 Dec 2016

Group That Built Las Vegas Casinos

There is a certain group of people, who maybe unbeknownst to them, built Las Vegas Casinos. This group has been going there since Las Vegas became a gambling mecca. There is a good chance you are a part of this group, most Vegas visitors are. We can call this group

05 Dec 2016

Skill Based Gaming Coming 2017

Gaming is about to take a much needed turn. Since 2009 slot revenue has dived by 17%. What or who could cause such a decline? A good amount of the blame must go to Gen-Xers and Millennials.  These two generations often avoid slots because in their minds, they find them boring. Slots require no skill, just a constant

04 Dec 2016

Reinvention Of Las Vegas Changes Dynamics

The reinvention of Las Vegas is in process, again. Since 1931, Vegas has been a gambling mecca. It has been known for its gambling, and until recent times, there were few other places to gamble legally. Things have changed. Today, 30 states allow some form of legal gambling. This has taken some of

03 Dec 2016

Russian Roulette Has Better Odds

Would you play Russian Roulette? Probably not. Why? Because the odds when playing Russian Roulette are bad and the loser dies. There is one popular casino game that has odds almost as bad. However, losers don’t usually die.. Can you guess what game? When you walk into almost any casino you

02 Dec 2016

Taboo Technique Gets Players Booted From Casinos

It’s taboo, but it is not illegal. It is something that many blackjack players employ with the hope they won’t be discovered. There is something that you can do that can get you banned from gambling in any specific casino. It’s not illegal or unethical, but casinos hate it when you do it. They want to