19 Oct 2015

Staying And Praying In Las Vegas

One almost mysterious fact about Las Vegas, Sin City, is that it is a religious city. There are sources that state that Las Vegas has more churches per capita than any other city in America. Other sources put it in the top ten. However, any way you count the chips,

18 Oct 2015

Beware The Vegas “Dark Side”

Temple and Harvard University researchers, as reported in the Las Vegas Sun, exposed a scary statistic. Conclusions of the report demonstrated that Vegas residents are 40% less likely to commit suicide if they leave town. On the other hand, visitors are twice as likely to commit suicide in Vegas in comparison

26 Sep 2015

Caesars Entertainment In Trouble-Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Trouble

In Vegas, Caesars Palace sits in the very heart of the Strip. It is one of the most well known properties in Las Vegas. What may not be so well known is that Caesars Entertainment owns, in addition to Caesars Palace, dozens of casinos, seven golf clubs, and other assets.

14 Sep 2015

The “Reel” Truth About Slots-Know What It Takes To Win!

Slot machines are popular with players and casinos love them. They should love them. These seductive bandits haul in a majority of the casino’s gaming revenue each year. When you walk into a casino slots dominate the landscape. They are everywhere. In Vegas you will find them in local stores,

08 Sep 2015

Blackjack Is A Beatable Game-Learn to Win!

Gambling is gambling and the house always has an edge, but you can better your chances to beat blackjack by learning some basics. The following, are a few tips that should help you win more money and keep the house edge down low. Blackjack is one table game that is

04 Sep 2015

Does It Matter Where You Gamble?

Where is the best place to gamble? This is a common question. The answer is, it depends. The first question one needs to answer is what size is the bankroll.? Then, what games will be played? Let’s start with slots. If over your stay in Vegas you intend to only