Does It Matter Where You Gamble?

shutterstock_250540954Where is the best place to gamble? This is a common question. The answer is, it depends.
The first question one needs to answer is what size is the bankroll.? Then, what games will be played?
Let’s start with slots.
If over your stay in Vegas you intend to only play with $50-$100 per day it probably won’t make too much difference where you play the slots.
If your budget is higher and especially if it is over $1000 over a few days then it probably will make a difference where you play.
The rule of thumb is that the strip has the worst odds on slots in the Vegas area with the exception of the airport which is worse.
The best odds are on Boulder Highway, Downtown Las Vegas, and in North Las Vegas. For example a $1 machine on the strip may have a payout of 90% while in other places it may be as high as 92-94% or higher.
If you are playing slots to win then always bet the maximum bet. If you don’t you will miss the big jackpots.
If you play blackjack and don’t want to have a table with a minimum of $15 or more then go downtown and play at Binions or El Cortez. You can find $5.00 minimums. These casinos have excellent rules too. If you want a great single deck game try the Alamo Travel Center near the Silverton on Blue Diamond just south of the Airport about a mile.
Also, with blackjack, be sure a blackjack pays 3 to 2 and not 6 to 5. The later is a sucker game and really increases the houses edge 1.3% or more. Learn the rules for each rule affects the house edge.
If you play roulette, then to bring the house edge down from 5.26% to 2.7% find a single zero table. The minimum will be higher and will be at least $25 up to $100 but you have a much better chance to win. One exception to the high minimums can be found at the M Resort about 8 miles south of the airport on Las Vegas Blvd.. During the week they have a $10 minimum. Another exception is Railroad Pass near Hoover Dam. During off times they have a $1.00 minimum.
The odds on craps run the gamut in Vegas. There are some casinos downtown like Main Street Station that offers 20X odds. Many others offer 10X odds. The stip has some good games but usually with higher minimums.
Whatever you play have fun and be careful. Enjoy!


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