Beware The Vegas “Dark Side”

shutterstock_175454954Temple and Harvard University researchers, as reported in the Las Vegas Sun, exposed a scary statistic. Conclusions of the report demonstrated that Vegas residents are 40% less likely to commit suicide if they leave town.

On the other hand, visitors are twice as likely to commit suicide in Vegas in comparison with other cities.  It is not publicized, but Las Vegas has a high suicide rate, a suicide rate 50% higher than the rest of the country.

You won’t find this statistic on any “Welcome to Las Vegas” Pamphlets. But, Vegas does have a dark side and visitors need to be aware of the dangers.

Those who visit Vegas often or simply love what Las Vegas offers, sometimes just an escape from reality for a few days, may not be aware of the city’s dark side. A lot of the suicides are gambling related which is one thing Vegas is known for.

However, other factors are relevant too. The explosive growth of the city over the recent decades has created more social disconnects and isolation of residents. The report states that the growth also has caused a lack of community cohesiveness. Las Vegas can be a very lonely place for some.

We may not think about it to much, but people do lose their bank accounts here. They do gamble and borrow beyond their means in the midst of a gambling addicted state of mind. What does a person do in Vegas when they reach the end of their rope, their hopes and their money? Some take their own lives.

Some who lose their money think if they just keep gambling they can win it all back. Rarely are they successful. A bad situation gets worse and finally there is nothing left. It is a horrible place to be, possibly a deadly place to be.

This article is just a friendly “heads up.” No matter what happens. No matter how bad it gets or how hopeless it seems there is always help. If you find yourself in a depressed situation and are tempted to end it all, don’t! Call someone. Call your pastor, rabbi, or Priest. Call the Red Cross. Call the Salvation Army. Call Gambler’s Anonymous. Call your wife or husband. Just call someone and get help. It is available.



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