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Broke In Las Vegas-What Do You Do?

You can live in Las Vegas and go broke or be visiting Las Vegas and go broke. Those who gamble run a greater risk of facing the fear of not having any money in an expensive town. If you are from out of town that fear is compounded. You may run out of money and have too much time left until your flight leaves or you may have other problems getting where you need to go. So, what does one do who finds them self in a financially distressing situation in Las Vegas?

If you find yourself without funds and need to get home, you may find help through the Red Cross or a local church. Of course, any help organization, like these, is very wise to people who are gambling addicts so it may not be easy to tap into their kindness. You can resort to making a sign and sitting on the Strip and hope someone will help you. Hey, many other people do.

Another way to get some quick cash is to donate blood. Telecris Plasma is one resource. Find out about them here. Can you spare a pint?

If you want to stay in Las Vegas and work, there are some good options that can offer fairly quick entry. If you have your own car there are two places to check out. One is Uber. Being an Uber driver can be very lucrative and you can set you own hours. Also Amazon Flex hires drivers and pays well at $18 per hour.

If you are a pet lover, there is good money in pet sitting. This is a profession that doesn’t require much or any equipment or inventory. It’s labor intensive.

Las Vegas does have an active filming industry and you may land a job as an extra, a paid extra. There are also some other more menial jobs you might apply for during film shoots.

Finally, if all else fails, call a relative or friend and see if they can help you get back home or off the street.

Read more details about all of these income avenues here.





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