01 Dec 2016

Large Gambler Or Small Know These Tips

What kind of gambler are you large or small, rich or poorer? There are many people who go to Las Vegas to gamble. Some of these folks are what would be called “High Rollers” or “Whales.” Others, more like minnows in comparison. You have probably heard some whale stories or seen

22 Nov 2016

Global Gaming Expo Reveals New Card Games

There will be new games coming to a casino near you sometime in the near future. Each year, in Las Vegas, the Global Gaming Expo draws gaming management personal from all over the world. It’s a big deal. This year’s meeting was held at the Sands Convention Center. It was

19 Nov 2016

Actual Odds Of Winning At Gambling Are What?

When you gamble, whether it be slots or tables games, what are the actual odds of winning? There are a lot of variables to be considered to be accurate, but we can give some healthy guidance. First of all, know one absolute rule. The longer you gamble, the higher the odds

13 Nov 2016

One Armed Bandits Mystify Players (Video)

Slot machines, aka one armed bandits,  are popular with players, and casinos love them. Why wouldn’t they love them? These seductive machines” haul in a majority of the casino’s gaming revenue each year. But, don’t believe those “reel lies.” When you walk into a casino slot machines dominate the landscape. They are everywhere. In Vegas

11 Nov 2016

Misconceptions About Video Poker Machines

There are so many misconceptions, myths, urban legends, and lies that people still believe about Las Vegas. Some of these have been perpetrated by movies. Movies are like the internet. Everything they present are true, right? Wrong! We love Vegas history, lore, legends, and the countless stories about our favorite

06 Nov 2016

Choose Where You Gamble Carefully

Choose wisely where you will gamble. Where are the best places to gamble? This is a common question. The answer is, it depends. There are hundreds of places to place your bets, so it will behoove you to find the best. It is important to choose the best of the best

31 Oct 2016

Crappy Mistakes Cause Embarrassment

Yes, there are crappy mistakes you can make. Actually, it’s mistakes you can make while playing craps. Craps is a game where loads of money changes hands and quite quickly. To protect your bankroll and increase your chances of winning, you must avoid these terrible crappy mistakes. There is a

30 Oct 2016

Sports Betters Conned By Scammers

Sports is big business in Las Vegas. Every major casino has a sports book. We recently reported on the world’s largest sportsbook located at the Westgate. Millions of dollars are wagered each year at these establishments. However, now there is a new twist to sports betting. It is not betting

29 Oct 2016

Blackjack Players Be Warned-These Games Suck!

Next to slot machines the most popular casino game is blackjack. This popular game has been around a long time, but things have changed and in Las Vegas it is hard to find an affordable blackjack game that doesn’t suck. You have to remember that in blackjack, the rules are everything. Every

21 Oct 2016

Kicked Out Of Casino For Doing What?

There is something that you  may do that can get you literally kicked out of a casino.  It’s not something that is  illegal or unethical, but casinos hate it when you do it. They want to make sure you don’t reduce any of their “house edge.” They have eyes everywhere to ensure that players don’t commit this