Players Of Casino Games Can Get Banned For….


There are certain things casino game players can do that will get them thrown out of a casino or even banned. There have been some high profile celebrities that have met that fate. Let’s learn from their mistakes.

Hollywood actors and other celebrities usually get away with things that we common folks cannot. But, some celebrities have done certain things that has resulted in their being banned from certain casinos.

What conduct, what behavior, can get players banned from a casino? It can be a variety of things. There have been quite a few celebrities who did something to get banned.

There are people, rich and famous people, who are banned from some or all casinos in Las Vegas. You would think that their money and celebrity would speak loudly in Las Vegas and save them the embarrassment. However, in some cases, money and fame didn’t make any difference.

We will share the stories of a few of the more noteworthy celebrities that were banned from a Las Vegas casino or hotel at some point for one thing or another. You may be shocked by some of these. Who would ever know, right?

Let’s start with Paris Hilton. She is heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune. Paris was banned not just from any hotel, she was banned from her father’s hotel, the Las Vegas Hilton. Why? Because she lost a $175,000 Bentley in a poker game.

There was an entire entertainment group, One Direction, banned from the Palms. What did they do? Actually, they didn’t “do” anything. They were banned from the Palms casino for being underage. They were too young to gamble or drink. They were of legal age in Europe, but not in the United States.

Then, there is another of the famous actors, Ben Affleck who got into trouble. Affleck is known for his love of blackjack. He decided to add to his skill by learning to count cards. Counting cards, contrary to some widely held beliefs, is not illegal in Las Vegas. But, casinos can ban you for doing it. They are private businesses and can allow or not allow anyone to gamble on their properties. Hard Rock Casino caught Affleck and banned him for life.

Dana White, the UFC Kingpin, had a long standing feud with the Palms Casino, basically over his credit limit or lack thereof. In the end, the Palms just banned him. Who knows the truth. He claims he is just good at blackjack and the casino apparently thinks he is a card counter. Regardless, he won’t be back to the Palms.

Proper conduct matters in casinos. Be sure you know what you shouldn’t do. Players must be prepared and knowledgeable about each game.

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