Winning Strategies Reduce Blackjack House Edge

Gambling is gambling and the house always has an edge, but you can better your chances to beat blackjack by learning some basic winning strategies. The following, are a few tips that should help you win more money and keep the house edge down low.

Blackjack is one table game that is beatable if you play it correctly. If you don’t your chances of losing rise quickly over time. Gut feelings are your worst enemy when playing blackjack. Knowing the math is what wins. The goal is to use every winning strategy.

If you talk to dealers in Vegas they will tell you that so many players really don’t know how to play that well. They are known as “ploppers.” These are players who “plop” down and play but aren’t very knowledgeable about winning strategies or just don’t care. They are more interested in the fun. If they can afford it there is nothing wrong with that. However, if they do dumb things like split 10s or hit two 8s,¬†they may alienate other players.

To be a blackjack champ requires time spent learning basic strategy. Then with practice and patience you should have lots of fun playing the game and hopefully even make some money. No one wins all the time so learn the game for the long haul.

Blackjack is one of the most popular table games in Vegas. It is a great game with fun table dynamics among players. If you get a great dealer this adds to the fun.

To beat the game you must know and understand the rules and the blackjack payouts. This is a must.

Each rule affects the house edge one way or the other. Some rules are great for players and some are not. Therefore, players need to know these rules and then find the tables that offer player advantaged rules. Also, players must avoid any table that pays out 6 to 5 instead of 3 to 2 on a blackjack. This variation alone adds a whopping 1.3% increase to the house edge.

If you play basic strategy religiously and ignore those “hunches,” you can keep the house edge down to as low as .28%. This is about as good as it gets. If you learn to count cards, you can get the edge even lower. This is not illegal, but if the casino suspects you they may ask you to leave.

There are free blackjack basic strategy sheets available online, as pictured here, and you can buy laminated credit card size editions in most casinos. It’s not cheating to use these. Just don’t slow table play by reading it during the game. Check it before it is your turn.

There are also blackjack training systems online and most are free. So, if you are new to the game do your homework and learn the basic strategy. A lot of the moves do not seem logical but they are mathematically correct. This is why those hunches can empty your wallet quickly. Math is absolute.

Seasoned players know that it is extremely important is to have an exit strategy. Over time you will lose if you just keep playing. The math doesn’t lie. The house still has an edge even if it is a small one. Therefore have a reasonable win goal and when you get there, quit for that session.

If you lose your budgeted money, don’t dig deeper and try to win your way out. You probably won’t and you will regret it.

On average you should bring 35-40 times the minimum bet for your bankroll. This will allow you to ride the up and down trends in the cards.

Seasoned players know that it is possible to win 6-8 hands or more in a row or to lose that many in a row. Once the tide turns one way or the other one has to learn how to handle it. Also, a larger bankroll allows for those times when you will double down or split hands. These are the opportunities for the larger wins.

One final tip. Try to find hand dealt games with as few decks as possible. There are still some one deck games to be found in the Vegas area. Most games today have 6-8 decks.

Also, avoid continuous shuffle machines (CSMs). These continuously shuffle all the cards after each hand. This completely thwarts card counting experts. It’s hard to discern any reliable trend in the cards with CSMs.

A great resource for blackjack and other games is Wizard of Odds. If you look through this blackjack resource (an for other casino games) you will quickly master basic winning strategies.


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