Crass Casino Behavior Ruins Gaming Fun For Others

Please, be polite when gambling and don’t engage in crass behavior. Know proper casino etiquette. This will make the gaming experience better for everyone.

We have all run into some rude players that seem to not care about anyone else’s enjoyment. They are those who are often rude, crass, and unruly. One person can ruin it for a lot of others.

It a fairly universal truth that people enjoy other people being kind and courteous. So, it helps us all if we all mind our manners when in the casino. Read on and see if you know good casino manners.

It’s a fact that most people who go to Las Vegas, gamble at some time during their visit. This even applies to those whose primary purpose to go to Vegas is a vacation or for other reasons. It’s nearly impossible to resist the temptation to drop some money into a slot machine, bet on roulette, or try a hand or two of blackjack.

Most of us who indulge in the games of chance may not know some of the unspoken rules of etiquette. These are rules that make all of our gambling experiences more enjoyable. Listed below are some of the more common rules and ones that may affect the most people.

  1. The large majority of Americans do not smoke. So, if you do, blow your smoke away from other players.
  2. If you play a table game, such as craps, roulette, or blackjack, know the rules before you play. If you don’t, you will slow down the game for others and possibly lose more money than you normally would. Knowledge is power in gambling.
  3. In blackjack, never touch your bet after it is made.
  4. If you are playing blackjack where the cards are dealt face up, do not touch your cards. In Toss Blackjack the cards are dealt face down, only handle them with one hand. The dealer will rebuke you if you do and you will be embarrassed.
  5. Some say you should not ask dealers for advice, but in my experience they are glad to tell you what the book says to do.  But, if you follow their advice and lose, don’t blame them. Playing perfect basic blackjack does not mean you will always win. Even a good card counter can lose. Some movies, like “21” leave the impression that card counters always win. Not so.
  6. It’s best not to drink while gambling, but if you do, don’t get drunk and become obnoxious. And, don’t curse the dealer because you are losing. We’ve seen people removed by security for this kind of behavior.
  7. Don’t advise other players how to play unless they ask. If you do advise them, they may get mad at you if they lose. Recently, at a casino, a man told another man how to play a hand. The player told him, “Mind your own business!”

Let me share a quick personal story. We were playing some roulette at Railroad Pass when a man came in who looked like and smelled like he hadn’t bathed in recent days. He had his underarms exposed and sat down right next to my wife. He smelled so bad we had to leave. So, it’s always good to be smelling good at the tables.

There are some more etiquette tips here. Again, let’s all avoid the rude and crass behaviors and make it fun for everyone else.


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