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Vegas Streets Named After Famous Americans

Readers of this site know we love Vegas history. It’s fun, fascinating, and diverse. Due to the many famous people who had some influence on Las Vegas there are many Vegas streets named after them. In fact, if you really look hard, you will find there is a large selection of Vegas streets named after politicians, explorers, settlers, entertainers, and pioneers. Some of these you may have never heard about, but you will know why they are honored after you read this post.

We will share a few of the street names that honor famous people from Vegas’ past. As you read through these see if you had made the connection before you read this.

  1. Gass Avenue: The street is named after Octavius Decatur Gass. After the Mormons abandoned their fort, in 1857, located at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Washington Avenue, Gass bought the property and turned it into a ranch. Gass later could not pay a debt and lost the ranch to Archibald and Helen Stewart. In 1902 the ranch including 1800 acres and water rights was sold to the San Pedro, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City Railroad. On May 15, 1905 the Railroad sold 110 acres, 1200 lots,  of the property via auction. This marked the official establishment of Las Vegas.
  2. Fremont Street: This well know street at the heart of downtown Las Vegas was named after John C. Fremont a military officer, explorer, and Republican Presidential candidate. He camped in the Las Vegas area in 1944. He spent a lot of time in the area. He regarded as a Nevada hero. Not only was Fremont Street named after him so was the Fremont Hotel and the John C. Fremont Middle School.
  3. Stewart Avenue: Helen J. Stewart, the widow of Archibald Stewart (See Gass Avenue post above) was the one who deeded the Las Vegas Ranch over the Railroad in 1902. She is deemed the First Lady of Las Vegas. She was the first woman to be appointed to the Clark County School Board. She also was the first woman to sit on a jury. When she died on March 6, 1926. her funeral was one of the largest in Las Vegas history.

Read an excellent history of Helen J. Stewart here.

There are many other streets that deserve mention. We will follow up in some future posts.



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