Stadium Plans For Raiders Still Not A Done Deal

The ongoing story of the Oakland Raiders making its home in a new stadium in Las Vegas is still fluid. There is no final chapter as of yet. And, there has been another wrench thrown into the works, some potential competition.

The former owner of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Doug Manchester is attempting to lure the Raiders to a new stadium that he and other investors would build for the Raiders. This would be if the plans for a Las Vegas location falls through for any reason. This puts a little more pressure on all the government and private entities that are now working to make the Vegas stadium a reality.

Manchester has already contacted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and informed him of his desire to build a 70,000 seat stadium. The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on this development:

An NFL spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the letter. Manchester declined to comment.

Significantly, the letter said the project could “provide an immediate alternative” for the Raiders if their stadium proposal in Las Vegas falls through. The Raiders maintain they are still working toward moving to Las Vegas despite two potential financial partners withdrawing. League owners are set to vote on their possible relocation at a meeting in late March. Read their full story here.

In the midst of all the stop and go activities surrounding a new NFL stadium in Las Vegas there is some forward progress. State of Nevada officials are giving a go ahead to improve highways that would help accommodate traffic should the new stadium actually materialize.

Las Vegas Review Journal adds these details about progress:

Environmental studies are underway for a $150 million reconfiguration of the Tropicana Avenue interchange at Interstate 15, along with a separate project that calls for construction of direct-access ramps that would connect a new carpool lane on I-15 to exits at Harmon and Hacienda avenues, the Nevada Department of Transportation’s director said Monday. Read more here.


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