Invasion Of Squatters Plagues Vegas Homeowners

There is an invasion taking place in Las Vegas. No, it’s not a foreign army, but it is an army of sorts.

Squatters have invaded Las Vegas. Squatters have been a problem in many places around the globe and Las Vegas is no exception. Even though the real estate market is still on the upswing from the 2008 crash and foreclosures and abandoned properties have decreased, squatters are still a reality. Chances are good that visitors would never see the damage done in certain suburban areas.

According to a May article in  New York Times ( , Las Vegas has a problem that just isn’t talked about, at least not widely. The problem is squatters. These are people who simply take over homes that are abandoned or have been foreclosed on. They live there rent and tax free until someone gets them out.

Although, a new building boom in Las Vegas is in progress, especially in the commercial sector, the effects of the 2008-09, housing collapse are still visible. If you drive through the outlaying neighborhoods of Las Vegas, you will see boarded up houses and overgrown properties. Chances are good, that there are squatters living in these houses.

According to the Times story, Even as construction cranes have returned to the Las Vegas Strip and unemployment here has fallen to single digits, the situation is getting worse: the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has received more calls about squatters each year since it began tracking the problem; there were more than 4,000 complaints last year, up 43 percent from 2014 and more than twice as many as in 2012.

The problem is far more than just homeless people taking advantage of abandoned houses. Some of these squatters have set up chop shops, sold drugs, committed burglaries and even murder. No wonder 4000 complaints were filed last year. Who wants these types of people living next door?

Local officials are working to stem the tide of the squatter invasion.

Read the full New York Times article here.


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