13 Feb 2017

Sanctuary City Status In Las Vegas’ Future?

Stephen Cloobeck wrote an article in the Las Vegas Sun on February 6, 2017. In it, he attempted to infer that Las Vegas was a sanctuary city. From his article he said: When Mayor Carolyn Goodman tweeted on Jan. 26 that Las Vegas is “not a sanctuary city,” I had

12 Feb 2017

Escort Services Thriving But Illegal In Las Vegas

If you have ever perused a Las Vegas phonebook, within the yellow pages there are hundreds of escort services listed. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and that includes Las Vegas so what about these escort services? Of course, the escort services do not market sexual favors, they advertise renting

10 Feb 2017

83 Year Old Music Icon Promotes Marijuana Sales

Very few music stars continue their careers into the 80s or beyond. One exception is Tony Bennett, at 90, is still doing tours. Amazing! There is another exception, 83 year old Willie Nelson. He doesn’t seem to age. He looks the same as he did twenty years ago. Nelson, had

07 Feb 2017

Make Millions Just Look Around Casinos

Wouldn’t you want to make millions of dollars just by looking around? Actually, it is looking around casinos. Why would you do that and what is it you would be looking for? You really could make a lot of money just by looking for left behind cash tickets that gamblers

04 Feb 2017

Virtual Reality Park Coming To Vegas In 2017

Virtual reality (VR) technology is moving ahead by quantum leaps. More and more people are able to experience virtual reality today with the release of Samsung Gear VR that works with their Galaxy devices. HBO’s Westworld is another VR experience that has drawn attention to VR. Plans are now in the works

03 Feb 2017

Expectations Are High For Vegas In 2017

2017 promises to be another banner year as far as the number of visitors is concerned. Expectations are that 43 million people will come to Sin City this year. This is good news. Then, there are some expectations that Las Vegas will finally get its own NFL team in the

02 Feb 2017

Stratosphere Rearranges Slot Machines For More Revenue

There are people who help home sellers sell their home quicker and for more money by a technique called “staging.” This is the process of rearranging furniture, art, and adding some appealing touches. The management of the Stratosphere engaged in a similar technique that has brought them more revenue with little

02 Feb 2017

Hotels Will Cost More Beginning March 1st In Nevada

It seems the expense of going to Las Vegas continues to rise on a fairly constant basis. In recent years there has been the implementation of resort fees and parking fees. Now staying at any of Nevada’s hotels will cost you more beginning in just a few weeks. On March 1st, hotels will begin charging a

01 Feb 2017

Danger Of Another Kind Awaits Vegas Visitors

There is danger in Vegas. We have reported before about the high crime rate and dangers that can confront women specifically. But, there is a new danger that visitors may encounter anytime and anywhere. This danger may affect anyone of any age and regardless of where they may go. The

31 Jan 2017

Jackpot Winners Get A Break With New IRS Rules

Jackpot winners rejoice! You may or may not have been aware of some new proposals that may have put a crimp in your slot playing and in casino’s bottom line. But, thanks to the efforts of casino lobbying forces, you, and the casinos, have been spared, at least for now. The proposed regulations would