83 Year Old Music Icon Promotes Marijuana Sales

Very few music stars continue their careers into the 80s or beyond. One exception is Tony Bennett, at 90, is still doing tours. Amazing! There is another exception, 83 year old Willie Nelson. He doesn’t seem to age. He looks the same as he did twenty years ago.

Nelson, had to cancel some recent concerts do to some health issues. He has apparently regained his health and is scheduled to sing this weekend.

Those who go downtown know that there are many buskers that are celebrity impersonators. There have been Willie Nelson look-a-likes seen in Las Vegas. I saw one in St. George, Utah, at a fast food restaurant. I would have sworn it was him. But, people in the arts district saw the real Willie Nelson this week.

Nelson, popped in the arts district and drew the attention and admiration of fans. It was an unexpected treat for the many who saw him.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal:

Generating buzz by his mere presence, Nelson stopped at Exile Boutique apparel and guitar shop on Main Street, just south of Charleston Boulevard. He was on hand to promote his new Willie Nelson Reserve line of cannabis products, grown and harvested in Las Vegas by Redwood Cultivation. Willie’s Reserve is being distributed at eight area medical marijuana dispensaries.

Nelson walked in amid a haze of smoke that reminded of a scene in “Refer Madness,” or the Titanic number in “Jubilee.” He was greeted by a sea of well-wishers that included Corey Harrison of “Pawn Stars” and Plaza Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Jossel. The Journal’s full story is here.

Willie Nelson’s 83 years of age doesn’t seem to slowing him down one bit. It is a little bit surprising that he would be getting involved in the emerging marijuana trade. Don’t know what that does to a country star’s image?



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