Sanctuary City Status In Las Vegas’ Future?

Stephen Cloobeck wrote an article in the Las Vegas Sun on February 6, 2017. In it, he attempted to infer that Las Vegas was a sanctuary city. From his article he said:

When Mayor Carolyn Goodman tweeted on Jan. 26 that Las Vegas is “not a sanctuary city,” I had to wonder: Exactly what city has she been running for the past six years, and her husband the dozen years before that?

He then goes on to try and take illegal immigration out of the equation. He said:

This isn’t about legal or illegal immigration. It is about creating an atmosphere that welcomes those who make an effort to come to this country to work, raise their families, pay taxes and follow the path to citizenship. I believe that should be accomplished legally and within the framework of existing laws and regulations, but as a businessperson, I know firsthand the challenge of staffing jobs with the resources available.

Read his entire article here.

The Mayor of Las Vegas, Carolyn Goodman, Oscar Goodman’s wife responded to Cloobeck’s article:

Stephen Cloobeck’s guest column “Mayor must remember immigrants’ vital role in city” (Las Vegas Sun, Feb. 7) is a sad attempt to mischaracterize my statements and at the same time get a list of his kudos published as he considers a run for political office.

The entire tweet I wrote about sanctuary cities is, “The city of Las Vegas is not a sanctuary city & we’re compliant with federal regulations. I’m passionate about finding a pathway to citizenship.” Note that Cloobeck conveniently left my comments about a pathway to citizenship on the cutting-room floor. Ironic since he advocates the same idea in his column when he states, “I support an effective immigration policy that provides a legal path to American citizenship.”

Read Mayor Goodman’s full response here. You will have read and see who you think has the best perspective.


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