Escort Services Thriving But Illegal In Las Vegas

If you have ever perused a Las Vegas phonebook, within the yellow pages there are hundreds of escort services listed. Prostitution is illegal in Clark County and that includes Las Vegas so what about these escort services?

Of course, the escort services do not market sexual favors, they advertise renting an escort for non sexual activities. But, when the escort arrives, deals can be made, and who would know what takes place? This is how the escort services slide under the radar.

Things are changing as far as how these services find customers. Most people don’t use paper bound yellow pages. They use their phones, tablets, or computers. It’s the 21st century and everything seems to be online now.

Geoff Carter wrote an article in the Las Vegas Weekly titled Checking In On Vegas’ Illegal Escort Industry. In it Carter reports:

It’s changed tremendously. Some of the primary ways of connecting with escorts—the free magazines on the streets, the tart cards—have sort of become archaic remnants of the past. Now, everything’s Internet-based.

At a minimum, it’s pictures, a phone number and an email address, maybe a Twitter account. But many have pages about what to expect on an ideal date, telling clients, “This is what you can do, and this is what you can’t do.” There’s a lot of talk about gifting—that you’re paying for time and dinner, and that anything else is gifts and that those are welcomed. Sometimes they’ll list what gifts they’re hoping for or wanting, or what sizes they are, whatever.  Read the full article here.

If you walk the Strip today, you will still see the magazines and the workers handing out cards for the women. And, there are call girls working inside the casinos. But, again, all this is still illegal in Las Vegas. Enforcement is lax, but those who participate in hiring escorts or prostitutes can be arrested.




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