Make Millions Just Look Around Casinos

Wouldn’t you want to make millions of dollars just by looking around? Actually, it is looking around casinos. Why would you do that and what is it you would be looking for?

You really could make a lot of money just by looking for left behind cash tickets that gamblers forget and leave in a machine, drop, or misplace. Do you know how much money is left behind each year in Vegas? Try about $7 million dollars.

The problem is that someone much bigger than you or I grabs up most of this money. It’s the state of Nevada.

The state of Nevada has really cashed in on forgetful gamblers. You have probably at some point lost or misplaced a casino ticket. Maybe you left it in a machine or dropped it on the floor. Well, you are not alone. In the last five years the state of Nevada has scraped up $35 million dollars off the floors of casinos.  That is one big jackpot for the state.

You may not be aware of the fact that these casino tickets that you get when you cash out of a machine have an expiration date. That expiration date is whatever the casino sets or after 180 days, whichever date comes first.

Some slot players will move around a lot and end up with multiple tickets, sometimes a handful. These gamblers likely lose more tickets than the casual gambler who keeps a close eye on their winnings. But all these lost tickets add up to a small fortune for the state.

The Las Vegas Sun ran an article last year detailing this story. In their article they say:

Not surprisingly, the Las Vegas Strip is where most of the money from these abandoned tickets was won. Also in the 2016 fiscal year, just more than $7 million worth of slot and video tickets was left unclaimed on the Strip.

Downtown saw the next largest amount, with just less than $1 million, then Washoe County with just more than $900,000, the rest of Clark County (not including the Strip, downtown, North Las Vegas and the Boulder Strip) with $651,393, the Boulder Strip, with just more than $500,000, South Tahoe, with $223,275, and North Las Vegas with $193,640.

The casinos report the total of the funds left unclaimed and they don’t break out the values of individual abandoned tickets. They also won’t release any statistics, so there’s no way to know the average amount of the tickets that are abandoned.

Read the Sun’s full article here. Next time you are in a Vegas casino, look down and around. You may find some of that $35 million dollars.


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