Virtual Reality Park Coming To Vegas In 2017

Virtual reality (VR) technology is moving ahead by quantum leaps. More and more people are able to experience virtual reality today with the release of Samsung Gear VR that works with their Galaxy devices. HBO’s Westworld is another VR experience that has drawn attention to VR.

Plans are now in the works to open a VR themed park by October of this year. Jonothan Bricklin, co-founder of SPIN and his partner, Daniel Piccciotto, are the brains and money behind a new, yet to be named VR theme park, that will be situated in Las Vegas. As of this date, no location has been confirmed.

Las Vegas Weekly broke the story on December 31st of 2016. They shared these details:

“It’s essentially become a theme park—like Universal Studios, only condensed in size,” Bricklin says. “Universal has about eight incredible, massive, virtual reality-like experiences. Now you can create the same effect with a hydraulic motion chair, timed to any virtual reality content you can dream up for a headset.”

The currently unnamed venue, intended for an October 2017 opening in a Strip-adjacent location that Bricklin can’t yet reveal, will have at its heart a lounge that features vintage arcade games and individual VR sets playing music videos and other short-form content. The lounge will serve food, cocktails and—why not?—liquid nitrogen ice cream: “It’s kinda nerdy, but I like it,” Bricklin says. Read more  here.

Originally, the idea was to develop a VR arcade, like the old pinball arcades, but with the modern VR equipment. However, the idea soon morphed into a VR park. The draw will be the VR experiences available, but there will also be the Vegas staple of food, drinks, and music.

This new park will be something totally different, innovative, and fun for Vegas visitors of all ages. Plan to be in town in October and be one of the first people to visit this new VR park.


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