28 Jan 2017

Food Lovers Eat Here-So Should You!

Food lovers know where to go to get the best food at favorite eating places. There are some cool places to eat in Las Vegas. Many of the great ones, visitors often miss. Places to eat, from the fast food lane to dining venues few can afford, are a trademark

26 Jan 2017

Hot Springs Draws Vegas Visitors

What’s Hot in Vegas? Plenty. If you like it hot there are some great places to visit within a short distance from Las Vegas. Hot springs are one way to heat up your adventurous spirit. Tired from all of the casinos and night life? Are you ready for a total

22 Jan 2017

Lucky Dragon Boutique Hotel Update

The newest hotel to open in Las Vegas is the Asian themed Lucky Dragon. The Lucky Dragon opened early in December and is now gaining some well deserved attention. This hotel is a boutique hotel with only 203 guest rooms that includes its 22 suites. This is the first truly

21 Jan 2017

Picking The Perfect Hotel On The Las Vegas Strip

Picking a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip isn’t hard. There are so many to choose from. However, picking the right hotel for you might not be so easy. If you are only shopping for price, then there are a good handful of good hotels to choose from, hotels that

19 Jan 2017

Driverless Cars On Fremont Street?

Technology is launching us into the future faster and faster every day it seems. One recent development is the introduction of driverless cars. Automation of so many things is becoming standard fare. It won’t be long before we will see these new driverless vehicles shuttling Vegas visitors to and fro, up

18 Jan 2017

Parking Fees Continue To Spread Across Strip

Parking fees are spreading across Las Vegas. More hotels join in to increase their revenue and strip you of more cash even before you get inside their casinos. We knew it was going to happen. It’s not a surprise to us who stay up on things that happen in Vegas, However, it may

17 Jan 2017

The Space Entertains Guests And Helps Local Charities

Las Vegas has a heart, sometimes. We will share with you about one person and organization that is doing a lot to help others who are in need. In this case the person is Mark Shunock and the organization is called Monday’s Dark. They have opened a venue  called “The Space.” The

17 Jan 2017

Beer Lovers Have Many Choices In Las Vegas

When it comes to beer, there are hundreds of recipes. Those who have brewed their own know the many variations that can be cooked up. Many would attest that home brewed is the best there is, totally different from what you buy at the store. However, in Las Vegas you

15 Jan 2017

Largest Sportsbook In The World Located Not Where You Think

If you were asked where you thought the world’s largest sportsbook was located, what would be your guess? Maybe Caesars Palace, Mandalay Bay, or Venetian? These are all good guesses, but all would be wrong. It would likely not be in anyone’s top five guesses. In fact, this sportsbook isn’t

14 Jan 2017

Bikes & Rods Attraction In Las Vegas

Bikes and Rods, all in one place. One Las Vegas attraction that is not on the strip, but is close by, is Count’s Kustom Cars and Bikes. Here is a place to find the coolest choppers and custom rods. It’s a car lover’s little bit of heaven. Count’s Kustoms has