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Often Missed Mob Speakeasy Offers Unmatched Dining Experience

There is a very cool mob-style speakeasy that Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel would certainly patronize if they were alive today. It’s not that visible from the street unless you know what you are looking for. It is often missed or overlooked and this is a shame. There is nothing like this speakeasy.

The place is Capos. It is located off the Strip a few miles and isn’t that easy to find unless you know where it is. Capos is located at 5675 West Sahara, about four miles west of the Strip. It’s definitely a must do on your next Vegas visit. Once you visit once, you will visit often.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to eat at a mob style speakeasy back in the days when the mob ran things? You don’t have to wonder because you can now enjoy the same ambiance, excellent food, and entertainment. The place is Capos, an Italian restaurant hidden within a non descript building within an older shopping area, and yet is elegant, warm, and inviting within.

The team have eaten there multiple times. It is one of our favorite places to eat. The food, as always, is incredible. The entertainment will vary. On one visit we were mesmerized with a fabulous close up magician. On a recent visit they had a singer that sounded just like Dean Martin. Considering the elegant surroundings and great food, the prices average about $20 for an entre. You would find it well worth the experience.

The Capos Website says:

Welcome to Capo’s Italian Steakhouse & Speakeasy! Our luxurious mob-style restaurant, speakeasy theme, live nightly entertainment, and incredible food will truly offer an evening that you won’t find anywhere else in Las Vegas. Growing up with his family’s Italian restaurants in Chicago and inspired by the mobster era, Nico Santucci created Capo’s, a real “speakeasy” featuring actual Al Capone’s Family Secret sauces on our “made-man” pastas. We have served nearly a million diners, no small feat for an independently owned restaurant, and are known for having THE best meatballs on Earth! (Anyone wanna challenge?!) 

Here is a very accurate and articulate review of Capos from Colleen Smiley of the Las Vegas Review Journal:

The trouble with getting into Capo’s Italian Steakhouse & Speakeasy isn’t that all of the tables are booked months in advance — it’s that in true speakeasy fashion, the door is cleverly disguised! However, for those resourceful enough to find the password to get inside, the luxuriously mafia-chic space will transport you to another era. The posh dining room, bathed in deep, sexy red booths and accented with wood, is both inviting and comfortable. A live band sets the mood as you sit down to traditional Italian favorites with a twist. Owner Nico Santucci has added his unique touch to each dish: penne alla vodka gets a dash of sun-dried tomatoes: Caesar salad gets a meatball or two. We don’t know why it all works together but it does-superbly. Then, retire to the patio and sit by the fire with an aperitif of Frangelico or Sambuca and some Cannoli or Tiramisu.

Colleen Smiley, Las Vegas Review Journal

Once you try Capos, you will understand why many folks eat there often. You will too.

Check out this fun video on Capos.  Notice how you gain entrance. Better have your story straight.


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