Drive Thru Weddings For Those In A Big Hurry

All of us use drive thru conveniences like those found at fast food businesses, banks, and some utility offices. But, Las Vegas brings the drive thru concept to a new level.

One of the most well known drive thru options in Vegas¬†are the wedding chapels. Some of these, like the Little White Chapel and others offer packages starting at $25¬†. Vegas is the land of quickie marriages and if things don’t work out, quickie divorces. share one couple’s review of the Little White Chapel:

My husband and I got married here two weeks ago. We absolutely loved it! We were more planned out than the average Little White Wedding Chapel customer, I would imagine, but we wanted to do something fun and easy and on the cheaper side. This chapel was everything we could’ve wanted! The red-headed girl behind the counter was so pleasant and helpful. The minister was actually very sincere and seemed genuinely happy for us (no, it was not Elvis). The venue is kitschy and fun, but the actual chapel is much prettier than the website shows. I would recommend a website renovation to really show that this chapel is good if you want to be on the classier side, as well as the crazy Vegas side. The photographer (Brandi) they provided was excellent as well. She took beautiful pictures during the ceremony and took gorgeous pictures outside as well (it was about 5 million degrees and the pictures still looked great!). The Tunnel of Love Drive Thru makes for some really fun pictures. After the ceremony, we were able to stand in the gazebo and take a few pictures of our own, too. I saw so many different couples coming in and out of the chapel and everyone looked happy. Not to mention, the free limo that will take you to and from the chapel was awesome. I would recommend this chapel to anyone that wants to get married in Vegas!

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