28 Nov 2015

Are You A True Vegas Junkie? Let’s Test Your Trivia Knowledge

From time to time we do a trivia Quiz. Our readers, for the most part, are pretty good at it. The great thing about Las Vegas is that you never run out of good trivia questions. So, let’s give it another shot today. See how many you can get right.

16 Nov 2015

The Book That Changed Blackjack For Ever

Fifty years ago, blackjack was not the game it is today. We have to remember that in a way, gambling is warfare. It is the gambler warring against the house, the casino. When a gambler attacks with a new way to cheat or beat the house, the house retaliates. We

04 Nov 2015

A Blast From The Past Baby!

Las Vegas is schizophrenic when it comes to its history, it’s legacy. Some things it promotes with pride, such as its Mob connection. To show its appreciation, it opened the Mob Museum. And, some casinos will offer guests a dinner with mob members. Don’t worry, not the real mob. You won’t

28 Oct 2015

Do You Qualify As A Vegas Trivia Expert? Only The Best Can Answer These Questions

Welcome trivia champions. We love Vegas trivia and so many of our friends do too. If you think you know Las Vegas give this trivia quiz a try and see if you are one of the best of the best. After you finish the quiz, please let us know how

16 Oct 2015

How This Day Changed Las Vegas Forever

  It has been said that life can change on a dime All of us know that in our own lives things can change quickly and permanently. One day in history did change Las Vegas forever. It was May 15, 1905. Las Vegas was still a fledgling settlement with only

04 Oct 2015

Vegas Trivia Challenge

  Our readers seem to love Vegas trivia so let’s try some more. This time we will ask the question and put the answers below. Can you get them all correct? This one is a hard one. Where is Wayne Newton’s Shenandoah Ranch located? Who was Father Francisco Garces? What

30 Sep 2015

Two Of Vegas’ Biggest Urban Legends Debunked

Las Vegas, maybe more than most cities, has a history rife with urban legends. Some have traveled the internet for decades and others come and go as time goes by. Here are two of the most famous ones. You May Lose More Than Your Money In Las Vegas This legend

28 Sep 2015

Vegas Trivia Challenge-See What You Know

Vegas trivia is always fun. See how good you are. There are 11 Vegas “Firsts” listed below. Let us know by a comment how many you knew before reading these. Some Las Vegas “Firsts” The first hotel/casino opened in downtown Las Vegas at 1 Fremont Street in 1906. It was

25 Sep 2015

Shhhh! Vegas Has A Secret Airline-Flights To Area 51

People love mysteries and secrets. One secret that has fascinated young and old alike for decades is Groom Lake, AKA Area 51. It is located northwest of Las Vegas There is a plethora of books, videos, and movies that explore the mysteries of Area 51. Are there aliens there? Was

19 Sep 2015

Historic Piece Of World History Resides In Men’s Bathroom

There are replicas of famous and historic places in Las Vegas. There are the Eiffel Tower at the Paris and the canals of Venice at the Venetian to name two. But, there is one place where you can find the real deal. And, it’s hidden away in a men’s bathroom downtown. November 9, 1989 was