22 Jan 2016

Who Are The Famous Couples Who Married In Las Vegas?

If you drive Las Vegas Boulevard up the Strip all the way to the Fremont Street area, you will pass dozens of wedding chapels. There is usually one featured in every movie shot in Las Vegas. Some are not visible from the Strip because they are located inside the casinos. Now,

13 Jan 2016

Why Do You Come To Vegas?

It may be a common misconception that people go to Vegas primarily to gamble. This is not the case although many do gamble while in Las Vegas. In 2014, 47% of visitors came for pleasure or vacation. This is a very interesting statistic that will surprise many people. The proportion

08 Jan 2016

A Legendary Dead Man Still Watches Over His Land

One aspect of Las Vegas that grabs the attention of many Vegas lovers is its colorful and unique history. Where else can you find such a cast of Indians, Mobsters, Mormons, Bankers, Moguls, and Entertainers all in one place? There are many legendary figures to discover, too. There is one

07 Jan 2016

Come On Vegas Trivia Fans-Try This One

This should be easy for all our Vegas Lovers. See how you do. Are you a Vegas trivia expert? Answers are below. Try to answer before you look.   Questions How big is the lake in front of the Bellagio? This hotel downtown has been known by three different names

03 Jan 2016

One Famous Vegas Gangster Had A Heart, Sometimes

There have always been gangsters of one breed or another that starred in Las Vegas history. People today are still fascinated by the legends and lore of the old “mob” days and its mobsters. This is clearly indicated by the 2012 opening of the Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas

02 Jan 2016

He Was Popular. He Was Rich. He Was A Gangster

Las Vegas has a long history of mobsters. Some were well known, like Bugsy Siegel, Frank Rosenthal, and Tony “The Ant” Spilotro. Other not-so-well-known gangsters worked in the shadows and carried out orders from higher ups. Any way you look at it Las Vegas was mob infested. One mobster, Moe

29 Dec 2015

Murder, Gold, Indians, And Movie Stars All In One Place

If you would like to take some time off from the Strip and do something really different, let us recommend Techatticup. Techatticup is a gold mine located just to the east of Nelson, Nevada. It is located in El Dorado Canyon and is close to the flow of the Colorado

24 Dec 2015

A Stroll Down Memory Lane-Do You Remember Any Of These?

We reported this week about the closings of both the Riviera Hotel & Casino and the Las Vegas Club, two historic properties, in 2015. However, these are just the recent casualties. Vegas sometimes seems to savor its past, as with its promotion of its mob history, and then has no

16 Dec 2015

Las Vegas Was Always Sin City

Today, Las Vegas markets itself as “Sin City,” but probably that moniker attached itself to Las Vegas in the city’s infant days. Let’s be honest, Las Vegas is not where most folks go for spiritual enlightenment and few churches plan their retreats in Las Vegas. There were two blocks in

14 Dec 2015

This Man Discovered Las Vegas-It Wasn’t Bugsy

We want to share with you today one historical discovery that became the first chapter in the Las Vegas story, the Las Vegas we know today. We would be surprised if anyone who reads our postings would know the man that we are writing about. If you do, you get an A+.