Come On Vegas Trivia Fans-Try This One

shutterstock_228777646This should be easy for all our Vegas Lovers. See how you do. Are you a Vegas trivia expert?

Answers are below. Try to answer before you look.



  1. How big is the lake in front of the Bellagio?
  2. This hotel downtown has been known by three different names including Sal Segev. What is it named now?
  3. What is the current name of the hotel where Elvis performed over 700 concerts? It has been renamed several times over the last twenty years.
  4. Where would you find waxed figures of famous celebrities.
  5. True or False. Some churches will take casino chips in the offering?
  6. What is the longest running Broadway Show on the Strip?
  7. Is counting cards in blackjack illegal?
  8. Who is the casino mogul who built the Mirage? He has a casino named after him.

9  Where is the show that has played 33 years at Ballys?

  1. What is the lake at Hoover Dam?



8 Acres

  1. Golden Gate
  2. Westgate
  3. Madam Tussauds at Venetian
  4. True
  5. Jersey Boys
  6. No, but if caught they will ask you to leave or to play other games.
  7. Steve Wynn
  8. Jubilee
  9. Lake Mead



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