A Stroll Down Memory Lane-Do You Remember Any Of These?

shutterstock_116347585We reported this week about the closings of both the Riviera Hotel & Casino and the Las Vegas Club, two historic properties, in 2015. However, these are just the recent casualties.

Vegas sometimes seems to savor its past, as with its promotion of its mob history, and then has no respect for other parts of its history. We all know that money is the decision maker in most cases. Sentimentality, apparently is not in the Vegas dictionary.

Let’s see if you remember from your visits to Las Vegas these Hotels & Casinos.  Only consider the ones you have actually seen or visited on your past trips. If you stayed at one of these or spent time there, please share your comments.

We will only list the ones that those people living today would possibly remember. This is just a good sampling of the more memorable hotels that have come and gone. R.I.P.

Do you remember?:

Flamingo-Opened 1946-Renovated and still operating.

Boulder Club -Opened 1939-Closed 1960,

El Rancho-Opened 1941-Closed 1960 (The original El Rancho was built on the corner of Sahara and the Strip on the west side of the road.  It closed in 1960. The newer version was located on the east side just south of SLV, formerly the Sahara It closed in 2000. I stayed at both the Sahara and the El Rancho).

Las Vegas Club-Opened-1961-Closed 2015.

Hotel Apache-Opened-1932-Closed 1964.

MGM Grand-Opened-1973-Closed 1986 (Not the same as MGM today at Tropicana and the Strip. Bally’s occupies the site of the previous MGM at Flamingo and the Strip)

The Castaways-Opened 1963-Closed 1987. (The property was the Red Rooster before it became the Castaways. It is the property where the Mirage sits today.)

The Mint-Opened  circa 1958-Closed 1988.

Silver Slipper-Opened 1950-Closed 1988. (Trivia-The actual Silver Slipper Marquee is located at the Neon Museum. It is the Hotel that Howard Hughes bought just so he could stop the rotating Silver Slipper in front from shining into his room)

The Dunes-Opened-1955-Closed 1993. (You can get a glimpse of the Dunes in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas. It is a quick look at the end of the movie when Nicholas Cage is parachuting into Bally’s)

The Landmark-Opened 1968-Closed 1995. (The implosion of the Landmark was used in the movie Mars Attacks.)

Vegas World-Opened 1979-Closed 1995.

Sands-Opened 1952-Closed 1996. (Home of the famous Rat Pack. It was used in the movie Con-Air)

Sahara-Opened 1952-Closed 2011.

Imperial Palace-Opened 1979-Closed 2012. (Became the Quad for a short while and then renamed Linq.)



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