Why Do You Come To Vegas?

allthingsvegas-header-002It may be a common misconception that people go to Vegas primarily to gamble. This is not the case although many do gamble while in Las Vegas. In 2014, 47% of visitors came for pleasure or vacation.

This is a very interesting statistic that will surprise many people. The proportion of visitors who come to Vegas primarily to gamble is only 12% or less over the last five years. The proportion of repeat visitors whose primary purpose is to gamble is 14%.

Today, as we regulars know, Vegas offers anything a person would want. People come for the weather, the architecture, the shows, the food, the gambling, and the landscape surrounding the city. The city has come to its own as a city with something for everyone, even the little ones.

Over a five year period visitors came to Vegas 5.7 times on average. It seems Vegas is addictive. What do you think?

*Statistics are from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 2014 edition.


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