18 Sep 2015

Internationally Famous Singer Fired In Las Vegas!

Even the most successful people in the world have their setbacks, defeats, and humiliations. Vegas is a town that is all about money. This is no secret. So, if someone doesn’t bring in the green they are shown the door. However, who would think this could happen to one of

16 Sep 2015

The Bugsy Siegel Flamingo Myths-Don’t Believe The Movies

So much that we know, or think we know, about Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel is all wrong. Movies and books about this famous mobster, in many cases, have presented a false narrative. We have been led  to believe certain things that are not even close to the truth . First, Bugsy was

15 Sep 2015

Guess Which Celebrity Silenced Vegas Vic?

In Downtown Las Vegas, on Fremont Street, you will see the 40 foot tall Vegas Vic. He is as famous a landmark here as the Eiffel Tower is in Paris. Vegas Vic himself is a celebrity. But, a fellow celebrity had him silenced. In 1966, Actor Lee Marvin was filming

07 Sep 2015

Good At Vegas Trivia? Did You Know This?

There are entire books and websites dedicated to sharing Vegas trivia. These little historical facts and tidbits help people understand why Vegas is such a fun and fascinating place. We will share some of this trivia as a regular part of this site. As you learn, laugh, or marvel, you will come to understand why Las Vegas is the

05 Sep 2015

Las Vegas Sin City?

There are a lot of misconceptions about Las Vegas partly because it promotes itself as “Sin City.” No doubt, Vegas has its seedy side, but it also offers a large array of other attractions, sites, and activities to enjoy. For example, there are many museums such as the Mob Museum,

04 Sep 2015

Why Do People Come To Vegas? Not What You Think!

This will probably shock some people. The proportion of first time visitors who come to Vegas primarily to gamble is 4% or less over the last five years. Almost half who visit come for vacation or pleasure. Of all the people who come to Vegas only 12% come primarily to gamble.

03 Sep 2015

Only In Vegas-Vegas Vic and Vegas Vicky Marry

In 1995 downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street area, underwent a massive makeover. It became known as “The Fremont Experience.” A 1500 foot long canopy was constructed over several blocks of Freemont Street. This canopy also served as a projection screen, the worlds largest, for a nightly laser show that