Good At Vegas Trivia? Did You Know This?


There are entire books and websites dedicated to sharing Vegas trivia. These little historical facts and tidbits help people understand why Vegas is such a fun and fascinating place.

We will share some of this trivia as a regular part of this site. As you learn, laugh, or marvel, you will come to understand why Las Vegas is the city it is, one that draws visitors from all over the world.

One of this author’s favorite trivia bits concerns one of the older downtown casinos, The Four Queens. Probably, most people if asked why they thought it was named the Four Queens would think it had to do with a poker hand or other card game. This would be a good logical guess. But, it would be totally wrong.

Ben Goffstein, the original owner of the casino when it opened in 1966 named his new hotel after his four queens, his daughters, Michele, Benita, Faith, and Hope.



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