A Legendary Dead Man Still Watches Over His Land

shutterstock_283638479One aspect of Las Vegas that grabs the attention of many Vegas lovers is its colorful and unique history. Where else can you find such a cast of Indians, Mobsters, Mormons, Bankers, Moguls, and Entertainers all in one place? There are many legendary figures to discover, too.

There is one who is mostly unknown except for the casino that is named after him. His name is Whiskey Pete. Whiskey Pete’s casino is located in Primm, Nevada, just 45 minutes south of the Strip off I-15.

Back in the 1920s when Las Vegas was still not much more than a small western town and railroad stop there was a man named Whiskey Pete. His real name was Whiskey Pete MacIntyre.

Whiskey Pete owned a small gas station right on the Nevada side of the California and Nevada state line. This was the perfect location to draw travelers headed to Vegas. Here they could pull over and take a needed break. These weary folks had just traveled many miles of barren desert road. Whiskey Pete’s offered illegal refreshments (Prohibition was in full swing), gas, and even a few slot machines.

Here is the interesting part of the story. Whiskey Pete died in 1933. As legend has it he wanted to be buried with a bottle of his bootleg liquor in his hands. He wanted to be buried not like most people, lying down, but rather standing up so that he could keep watch over his land.

There is a final twist to the story. Some years later, during the building of the bridge over 1-15, construction workers accidently intruded upon Whiskey Pete’s burial site. So, what did they do? They moved Whiskey Pete to one of the caves where he used to make his moonshine. As far as we know, he is still there.



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