Are You A True Vegas Junkie? Let’s Test Your Trivia Knowledge

shutterstock_214772758From time to time we do a trivia Quiz. Our readers, for the most part, are pretty good at it. The great thing about Las Vegas is that you never run out of good trivia questions. So, let’s give it another shot today. See how many you can get right. Even if you miss some, you will learn more about your favorite city.

The answers are given below so see how well you add up as a Vegas trivia expert. The questions will range from easy to hard. If you get a 70% correct you are doing better than average. Get 100% correct and you are absolutely and incredibly a true Vegas junkie.

Be sure to comment on how well you did.

Trivia Questions

  1. Why is May 15, 1905 an important date for Las Vegas?
  2. What is the Hotel and Casino with a Volcano out front? How about the Eiffel Tower?
  3. What structure in Las Vegas is 1149 feet tall and is the tallest free standing observation tower in the United States?
  4. Which Hotel and Casino is on the southeast corner of the Strip and Tropicana?
  5. Who was a previous Mayor of Las Vegas and before that a mob lawyer?
  6. Which Casino has circus acts?
  7. Who is the famous chef that has her own restaurant at the Cromwell?
  8. Who is Stewart Avenue named after?
  9. In 2016 there will be a new Beer Park built on top of one of the Strip Casinos. Which one? (If you read our recent article, you would know this one).
  10. Who was the famous mobster who opened a casino in 1946, the 3rd casino built on the Strip?




  1. May 15, 1905 is the official date of the founding, not the incorporation, of Las Vegas. It was marked by the auction of 1200 lots by the San Pedro, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake Railroad. The city was not incorporated until March 16, 1911 when Governor Tasker Oddie signed the incorporation papers.
  2. The Mirage and The Paris
  3. The Stratosphere Tower
  4. The Tropicana

5   Oscar Goodman. And, he was one of the most, if not the most, popular Mayor Vegas ever had.

  1. Circus Circus
  2. Giada
  3. Helen J. Stewart, First Lady of Las Vegas. She sold the San Pedro, Los Angeles, Salt Lake Railroad the 1800 acres and water rights that made the 1905 auction possible.
  4. Paris
  5. Bugsy Siegel


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