Do You Qualify As A Vegas Trivia Expert? Only The Best Can Answer These Questions

Welshutterstock_111781289come trivia champions.

We love Vegas trivia and so many of our friends do too. If you think you know Las Vegas give this trivia quiz a try and see if you are one of the best of the best.

After you finish the quiz, please let us know how many you get correct by posting a comment. Who knows, you may just be an expert and don’t know it. Regardless, it’s fun and the trivia is interesting.

The answers are below the questions. No peeking please.

  1. Where was the very first traffic signal hung on the Las Vegas Strip?
  2. What are the two hotel &casinos developed by Jay Sarno?  Both are still in Business.
  3. What is the longest running Broadway show playing on the Strip.
  4. What does “Las Vegas” mean?
  5. What is the tallest observation tower in the United States? Do you know how tall it is?
  6. What is the zipline in downtown Vegas called?
  7. Adventuredome is part of what hotel and casino?
  8. In what hotel & casino is the Minus 5 Ice Bar located?
  9. Who is the man that was one of Las Vegas’ most popular mayors and also served as a mob lawyer?
  10. What hotel & casino offered the first topless show in Las Vegas?




  1. Intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip) and Convention Center Drive.
  2. Caesars Palace and Circus Circus
  3. Jersey Boys
  4. The Meadows from Spanish
  5. The Stratosphere Tower. 1149 feet.
  6. SlotZilla
  7. Circus Circus
  8. Mandalay Bay
  9. Oscar Goodman


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