Vegas Trivia Challenge-See What You Know

Vegas trivia is always fun. See how good you are. There are 11 Vegas “Firsts” listed below. Let us know by a comment how many you knew before reading these.

Some Las Vegas “Firsts”shutterstock_98074964

The first hotel/casino opened in downtown Las Vegas at 1 Fremont Street in 1906. It was the Hotel Nevada. It later was renamed “Sal Sagev (Las Vegas spelled backwards),” and finally the Golden Gate. It is still operating today after 109 years of continuous operation.

The first telephone was installed in 1907 at Hotel Nevada. The phone number was “1”.

The first topless show opened at the Dunes in 1957. It was called “Minsky’s Follies”.

The first gambling license was issued to the Northern Club in 1931 when gambling was legalized. It was also the first license issued to a woman, Mayme Stocker.

The first street to be paved was Fremont Street in 1925.

The first Strip hotel/casino was the El Rancho in 1941.

The first traffic light on the Strip was at Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) and Convention Center Drive.

The first elevator was installed at the Apache Hotel downtown in 1932.

The first gambling license issued on the Strip was to the Red Rooster in 1931.

The first high rise downtown was the Fremont Hotel which opened in 1956.

The first high rise on the Strip was the Riviera in 1955.




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